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Having represented hundreds of property owners in construction defect claims in South Carolina since the late 1990's , the claims that we typically bring for our clients involve one or more of the following:

Poor Workmanship

This results in the vast majority of claims that are brought. The general contractor typically fails to properly supervise its subcontractors or lacks an adequate understanding of the building code or local industry standards in order to effectively do so. Often times in an effort to maximize profits, the general contractor hires subcontractors who give the lowest bid that use day laborers rather than skilled experienced personnel to perform a specific trade. For example a common construction mistake that we frequently see is for the building wrap of the structure to be installed behind flashing rendering the flashing useless. It takes no more effort to install the building wrap over or outboard of the vertical leg of the flashing to create a "shingle effect" to properly shed water away from the structure as intended. Failing to create this "shingle effect" with the building wrap and flashings frequently allows water to make contact with the wall sheathing, structural framing and other building components thereby causing extensive water damage and rot over time.

Materials and Product Failures

Material and product failures can result from manufacturing errors, improper product design or products that are not suitable for use in construction in our area. We have brought claims for window failures and other exterior cladding components that have prematurely failed or have not performed their intended function of protecting the building structure.

Design Problems

While design problems are far less common than poor workmanship, design mistakes can include failing to specify certain flashings and other necessary components of the building envelope and structure. Historically, we have seen design mistakes result in larger problems in the multi-family condominium setting although they can and do exist in single family homes.

Recent Cases:

Chakeris and co-counsel obtain a 7.7 million dollar trial verdict in Charleston County for condo association.

Large stucco house in I'on subdivision settled shortly before trial.

Settled owners claim against contractor for modular home in beach community.

Resolved owners claim for faulty siding installation and leaking windows against a regional builder.

Settled improper brick veneer installation and rotting window claim with insurance company for bankrupt contractor.

Resolved termite damage and improper siding installation on a Daniel Island home against regional builder and termite company

Settled improper stucco and window installation case for a Beaufort County home.

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